Rivers of Living Water
Lincoln Ave & Main Street
Elkins, WV 26241
ph: 304-636-1155
Rivers of Living Water
Lincoln Ave & Main Street
Elkins, WV 26241
ph: 304-636-1155
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Rivers Victory Group was founded as an outreach of Rivers of Living Water
Ministries.  Our goal is for people to feel accepted and loved regardless of
where they are in life.  Many times people struggling with addiction need to
know that they are loved so that, with the help of God, they can take that first
step necessary to make the changes they desire in their lives.  

Pastor Michael Boggs and the staff at Rivers of Living Water Ministries along
with Linda Richards, the director of Rivers Victory Group, desire to reach out
to those battling with addictions without condemnation.

Seeing the value and worth of every person regardless of where they are in
life is our goal.  Thank you for considering becoming a part of our group.
Why Rivers Victory Group?  Rivers Victory Group offers hope and help to live
free from addiction.  When one is under the influence of any addiction,
overcoming it may seem impossible.  We believe the love of God, which
includes goodness, kindness, and mercy, will cause a person to change.  It is
our mission in the Rivers Victory Group to show God's love through prayer,
as well as accountability, willingness, sensitivity, and above all, the Word of

Rivers Victory Group is a Christ centered support group designed to minister
to the needs of those addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling,
pornography, or smoking as well as their family and friends.  We strive to
provide a non-threatening environment where your anonymity is protected.  

Rivers Victory Group is open to all people, regardless of religious affiliation.  
As an outreach of Rivers of Living Water Church, we recommend that
individuals be established in a local church.  If you desire to be a part of our
church body, you are welcome.  We are committed to reaching out to the
greatest of all needs - the broken heart.
Your First Step into a Life of Change

Meetings:   When you first arrive at
Rivers Victory Group, you are
welcomed and invited to enjoy
refreshments.  Everyone meets
together for the opening.  Clean time is
celebrated with key rewards, cheers,
and applause, and hugs.

Classes are then:

Early Recovery (steps 1-3)
Advanced Recovery (steps 4-12)
Family and Friends of Addiction (FFA)
At the close of the discussion group,
we gather back together for
announcements, and then close with

It is the goodness, kindness, and
mercy of God which causes a man to
Romans 2:4